At NearSt, we’re on a mission to get people all around the world back into high street shops. Everyday, millions of people are searching for nearby shops and products in Google - and we're help making them visible.

Our technology automatically uploads and associates the products on your shelves to your Google Business listing, so shoppers looking for your business or products you stock find your store.

What can you do with NearSt?

Bring your products online in seconds: NearSt helps local shoppers see what you stock. We connect to your POS and automatically list your products on NearSt. There’s no data entry or manual updates or needed. We use the barcodes from your POS to create high quality product listings, and constantly keep them up to date in your personal NearSt store.

Show what's in store, directly in Google: NearSt also adds your products to Google "See What's In Store" - a new feature from Google designed to drive more customers into local shops.  Shoppers searching for your business not only see your key business details (like telephone number and opening hours), but can also see what you stock directly in Google. It makes them more likely to visit your store.

Grow your local awareness further: NearSt Plus is a flexible add-on service where you can run highly targeted product ads in Google. Pick a daily budget and we'll promote your products to customers searching nearby. Starting at less than the price of a cup of coffee each day, it's a great way of driving new customers to your store.

Why other businesses like NearSt

  • Local Awareness: We help ensure that local shoppers can always see what you stock, making them more likely to come into your store.
  • Automatic Updates: You don’t have time to constantly keep your products updated online, and on NearSt you don’t have to. We use the barcodes in your POS to constantly keep your products updated on NearSt and in Google.
  • Fully Managed: We manage the entire setup process for you, and then make sure your products are always being found locally, so you can focus on running your shop.
  • Measurable Impact: We help take the guesswork out of understanding your local awareness. If you choose to use NearSt Plus, you’ll also see how many people are discovering your products nearby as well as what’s popular with local shoppers in your area.
  • You’re in control: There’s no long-term contract. Just pay a one-off joining fee, then NearSt is yours forever. If you choose to also promote your products with NearSt Plus, you control your own daily budget as well as when your product ads run. You’re in control. 
  • No Extra Hardware: There’s already enough hardware taking up space on your counter. Our powerful technology connects directly to your POS, so there are no extra devices to plug in and manage in your store..

Getting Started

Want to join NearSt? Getting started is simple, and everything is managed by your dedicated partner manager.

Apply to join and find out if your shop qualifies. 

Or send us a direct message or open a live chat using the icon in the bottom right at any time. 

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Getting Started

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