We’ve designed NearSt with all high street shops in mind and we want it to be as easy as possible to show your products to shoppers online. We’re still a young and growing company, so unfortunately we can’t yet work with all shops. These are the main criteria we look for when working out if we’re a good fit for you today: 

Is your shop a physical store?

We’re on a mission to get people all around the world back into high street shops, so we only work with shops. No websites or shipping warehouses please. 

Is your shop within one of our available categories?

We currently offer NearSt in the following categories, and are adding more all the time. 

Department Store
Health & Beauty
Liquor Store
Mother & Baby
Pharmacy & Chemist
Quick Service
Salon or Spa
Sports & Leisure
Toys & Games

If you don’t see your shop’s category leave us your details to hear when we’ll be offering NearSt for your shop category!

Is your shop located in the UK? 

We are currently available nationwide in the UK. Interested but not based in the UK? Sign up to hear when we’ll be rolling out near you! 

Do you have a POS system? 

We use the information in your POS to automatically populate your web shop and constantly keep it updated, so it’s essential you have one. NearSt can connect directly to dozens of providers, and set up only takes a few steps.

Apply to join and find out if we already work with your POS

Read more about connecting your POS

Do you sell products with barcodes?

Since NearSt connects directly to POS systems to understand your inventory, your products will have to be scannable. We love boutiques selling homemade products, but unfortunately we need a barcode to understand the items you stock.

Is your inventory confidence level at least 80%? 

We show people searching exactly what is on your shelves at that moment, so in order to qualify to use Google “See What’s In Store”, your inventory has to be accurate. 

Does all of this sound like your store? 

Apply to join and a dedicated partner manager will get you up and running before you know it. 

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