Once you've subscribed to NearSt you're only a few steps from getting your shop live! By finishing the setup for your shop, you’ll gain full functionality of your NearSt account through your Myshop page.

Head over to your MyShop page and enter your email associated with your account (if you’re not sure, feel free to ask our partnerships team by using the live chat icon in the corner). You’ll receive an email with a link to sign in. Clicking on this link will bring you to the final steps needed to setup your NearSt account.

Step 1 is connecting your EPOS system.

Customized to your individual system, this is how NearSt connects to your shop and creates your online inventory. Instructions will be individual to the POS system you provided when first signing up. Once your POS system is connected, there will be no further steps to get your inventory online as your product profiles will be created automatically.

Step 2 is connecting your ‘Google My Business’ Account.

To ensure your products also show up in your shop’s Google My Business listing (the information customers see about your store when searching in Google), we need to connect to it. . Connecting the accounts is really simple, and just involves an email being sent to the address associated with your Google My Business account with a link for you to click.

Not sure which email you used to sign-up for Google My Business, or unsure who manages it in your store? Not a problem - just let your partnership manager know (or ask us here in the live chat) and we can help you gain access to your account. 

Step 3 is creating your shop profile.

We’ll create a basic shop profile for you, but if you want to get the most out of NearSt you should personalise your very own shop page  on near.st, from descriptions to pictures. 

During initial setup you’ll notice in the left of the page that some links are greyed out and not yet clickable. As soon as you’ve completed your profile and our team has approved it, the rest of these will become active. 

And that’s it! After a quick review by us to make sure all your information is correct, you’re officially ready to go live.

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