Local Inventory Ads show up in Google search results when nearby shoppers search for a product you stock, helping them see just how easy it is to buy nearby. Clicking on the ad takes them directly to your Google Store Front, and makes it super easy for them to take action and visit your store.

We provide lots of different information about how your ads are performing, but there are four key numbers you'll see most often. We've summarised below how these help you understand the impact your ads are having on your business.


Customers searching for products you stock near your store see your items and shop name in Google, so they know it’s in-stock locally. These are β€œImpressions”.


Some of these customers show an interest in one of your products and click on it to find out more about the item and your store. Here they can see full product details, information about your shop and several prominent call-to-actions. This is a "Click”.

Estimated In-store Customers

Of the customers who "Click" on your products, we can use historical LIA results data from Google to estimate the number of customers who actually visit your shop.

Want to learn more?

These are just some of the ways we measure the Local Awareness and Impact generated by NearSt Plus and Google Local Inventory Ads. If you want to learn more, email your partner manager or drop us a message in chat below!

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